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Connecting Nigeria: Ministry of Communications Initiates ‘Project 774 LG’ to Close Digital Divide 

to provide direct and indirect jobs in the economy 

In a bid to tackle the digital divide and enhance internet accessibility across Nigeria, the Ministry of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy has rolled out ‘Project 774 LG Connectivity’. This ambitious initiative aims to provide internet connectivity to all 774 Local Government secretariats throughout the country, addressing the longstanding issue of limited digital access in remote and underserved areas.

The announcement of the project’s launch was made by Dr. Bosun Tijani, the supervising Minister of the Ministry, during a press conference on Monday. Dr. Tijani emphasized that ‘Project 774 LG Connectivity’ is a crucial component of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda, as well as the strategic blueprint of the ministry.

According to Dr. Tijani, the primary objective of the project is to promote inclusive development by ensuring that government offices, even in the most remote regions, are equipped with digital infrastructure. This initiative aims to bridge the gap in digital access and provide equal opportunities for citizens across all corners of Nigeria.

“By connecting all 774 Local Government secretariats to the internet, we anticipate the creation of at least 300 direct jobs. Moreover, enhanced digital access will stimulate economic activities, leading to further job creation,” stated Dr. Tijani.  This will help to create more indirect jobs, investors and business owners can function effectively knowing that broadband data is not an issue they have to contend with separately. 

He further emphasized that the project aligns with the Ministry’s Strategic Blueprint and is a crucial step towards fulfilling President Tinubu’s mandate of delivering efficient public services at the grassroots level.  

Through strategic partnerships with key stakeholders and the deployment of advanced technology, ‘Project 774 LG Connectivity’ aims to empower local governments with reliable and affordable internet access. This connectivity is essential for facilitating efficient service delivery, promoting transparency, driving economic growth, and enhancing citizen engagement.

“The implementation of this project is poised to drive transformation and unlock opportunities that will foster sustainable development for all Nigerians through the power of connectivity,” added Dr. Tijani.

Addressing Low Internet Demand for Greater Productivity 

Dr. Tijani highlighted the challenges faced by private companies in expanding broadband infrastructure due to low demand in certain regions. To address this issue, the Ministry is working towards connecting all public institutions, including schools, hospitals, government offices, libraries, and markets, to stimulate internet demand and consumption.

“The lack of sufficient demand in certain areas has hindered the expansion of broadband infrastructure. Through initiatives like ‘Project 774 LG Connectivity’, we aim to stimulate demand and encourage investment in internet infrastructure nationwide,” explained Dr. Tijani.

Another area that is set to explode is the digital skills level; the ministry through the 3MTT program, the largest talent accelerator in the world has now trained the first phase trainers numbering over 30,000. The programme will now train the next phase of applicants. The process is not business as usual as the project is attracting more supports like IHS, MTN, UNDP, and Google and is in talks with several other firms to suppose with job placement and support opportunities 

The next phase will be announced by the end of February. 

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