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Education Initiative Unveiled:

Owolabi Falana to visit 100 Primary Schools

Education Initiative Unveiled: Owolabi Falana to visit 100 Primary Schools

In a bold step towards revolutionizing education in Lagos State, Owolabi Falana, leading the Quality Assurance department of Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board, SUBEB, has commenced a comprehensive tour of 100 primary schools. This groundbreaking initiative aims to elevate the standard of education and foster a conducive learning environment for young learners across the state. This initiative is critical towards safeguarding and monitoring the sizeable investment that the Lagos state government led by Governor Babjide Sanwoolu has made in the educational sector. 

Falana’s journey commenced with an immersive visit to key schools in Orile Agege LCDA and Agege LG. Six primary schools, including Zion Africa Church Pry School, Yewa Pry School, Araromi Pry School, Saka Tinubu Pry School, Community Pry School, and Ifeoluwa Pry School, opened their doors to this transformative assessment.

Expanding Horizons: A State-Wide Endeavor

Engaging teachers, school management, and bright-eyed pupils, Falana expressed enthusiasm about exchanging ideas and innovative techniques. This initiative is not just to inspect but to actively learn, incorporating novel methodologies that promise to enhance the educational landscape across Lagos state.

With an ambitious scope, this project is set to traverse all 20 local governments and 37 local council development areas in Lagos State. The comprehensive approach underscores a commitment to leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of educational excellence.

Falana emphasized the significance of this endeavor, highlighting its potential to redefine the educational framework for primary school learners. The project’s vision extends beyond mere inspection, envisioning a future where quality education becomes an intrinsic part of every child’s journey in Lagos State.

Forward Momentum: Transforming Education at the Grassroots

This endeavor signifies more than an inspection tour; it symbolizes a collective commitment to nurturing a generation equipped with the best tools for success. The immersive engagement with educators and pupils echoes a dedication to hands-on learning and continuous improvement.

As this project unfolds across various localities, it promises a collaborative effort between stakeholders, educators, and the government. It sets the stage for a paradigm shift in educational practices, ensuring that young minds receive an education that fosters growth, innovation, and holistic development.

Owolabi Falana’s initiative is pivotal in Lagos State’s educational narrative. By embarking on this comprehensive tour and engaging with primary schools at the grassroots level, the government showcases a steadfast commitment to fostering a robust educational foundation for the future generation.

The tour’s impact is poised to resonate far beyond the 100 schools visited, laying the groundwork for a systemic overhaul that prioritizes quality education across the state. With each school visit, a new chapter in Lagos State’s educational journey unfolds, promising a brighter and more promising future for its young learners.

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