You are currently viewing Kaduna maize pyramids force price of commodity to crash — MAN

Kaduna maize pyramids force price of commodity to crash — MAN

… We’ll soon export maize to other countries ~ Commissioner

The Maize Farmers Association of Nigeria ( MAN) has said that because of their effort to cultivate tons of maize and erect pyramids of the commodity in Kaduna, the price of maize that was high is now coming down.

“Because of these maize pyramids, most of the grain merchants that had earlier hoarded it are now bringing it out,” National President of the Maize Association of Nigeria, Bello Abubakar Funtua has said.

He spoke in Kaduna weekend; when. the Presidents of other commodity associations paid a solidarity visit to the Maize Farmers at the Maize Pyramids site in Kaduna.

He said the visitors were representatives of their forum, that is the Agricultural Commodity Forum.

According to him . “we are here together with them and our technical team from the Southwest. We came in order to inspect and supervise the formation of these pyramids. We are also together with some Kaduna government officials to go round and see what we’ve done on these pyramids.”

According to him, ” last year when we started in Katsina we did only ten pyramids. Because of the progress and development that we have achieved, this year, now we’ve formed 21 pyramids here. Our plan is to form 30 pyramids because our association is celebrating its 30th anniversary.”

“So 30th anniversary, 30 pyramids. But because of the time factor, because of the rain that is about to start now, that is why we are stopping at 21 pyramids. We’ve doubled what we’ve done last year. Everybody can see it physically.”

Also, because of what we’re doing now, the price of maize that was high; now the price is coming down. Because of these maize pyramids, most of the grain merchants that had earlier hoarded it are now bringing it out. The companies that are processing maize, are not going to the market now to buy. They are waiting for us to finish and sell to them.”

“That is why there is not much demand in the market now. That is why the price of maize has drastically come down and people are very happy about that.”

Commissioner of Agriculture in Kaduna State, Alhaji Hussaini Ibrahim, said the state government was prepared to welcome President Muhammadu Buhari who was expected to visit the maize pyramids.

He said the CBN’s Anchor Borrowers Programme has gone a long way by ensuring the Federal Government’s policy of diversifying the economy and ensuring that agriculture is at the forefront.

” This is also to ensure Nigerians that yes we can do it, we can diversify the economy through agriculture. It is practical, people have seen it. I appreciate the way Maize Association of Nigeria have done it because from the initial stage, we came here and launched it, everyone has seen it and it has continued until now. What I will advise is the sustainability of the programme. Once this is sustained in the next couple of years we would be exporting maize and many other commodities outside, Nigeria,” he said.

Mr.Gbijah from Unity Bank said on the occasion that they were thankful to the Kaduna State Government for accepting the Maize Association to come to Kaduna State.

He said Unity Bank as a financial institution had been working closely with the Maize Farmers and reminded them that the money they received was a loan which they were expected to pay back.

He hoped there would be a bumper harvest this year and a hundred per cent loan repayment by the beneficiaries.

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