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Stemming the tide under President Tinubu


Just a few weeks ago, it seemed the country was going on her knees, the dollar was strengthening against the naira on a daily basis that it was a matter of days before it reached N2000 to $1, FX backlogs averaged $7 Billion, FX reserves depleted, protests were being sponsored across the country, smugglers were having a field day taking foods across our borders.

Fast-forward to today, the naira has achieved a bit of stability now, hovering around N1,400 – N1,500 to $1, with many skeletons in the cupboard discovered and currently being dealt with, with the chief manipulator, Binance out of the way, it is expected that the dark days are way behind us.

The staggering $7 Billion backlogs this administration inherited have been TOTALLY CLEARED, this is unprecedented because it is happening in just less than 10months of the administration.
This move also will be the catalyst to drive a stronger naira.

Our FX reserves have reached $34.11 billion, the highest in 8 months, steadily our reserves are building up again, this time never to be depleted again.

Suddenly also, the COORDINATED protests across the country seem to have dled a natural d3@th, we don’t see people renting buses, buying placards, with DJs moving from one place to another,crying and protesting.
Even the PLANNED FAINTING GAME has stopped.

Smugglers are now finding it excessively difficult moving truck loads of food stuffs illegally across our borders, the Nigerian Customs Service and sister agencies have topped their game in this regard with an avalanche of seizures.

Yes, we are not where we want to be ,but it is important to note that we are making progress, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is here to change the status quo, he is ready to leave a legacy and on the right track to be the FATHER OF THE MODERN/WORKING NIGERIA.

He has said that he asked for the job and shouldn’t be pitied, though considering the job at hand, he needs some sha.

Stemming the tide won’t be an easy job especially in a country that is used to a particular way of living and adamant to changes, but I trust Asiwaju to lead us to Progress

May Nigeria succeed

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