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Re: Governor AbdulRazaq Governing Kwara state via WhatsApp messages

…PDP web of deception addressed

by Elelu Ayoola

The PDP in Kwara, the proverbial drowning man who will grasp at anything that looks like a life raft, even if it is dried stubble or hay, have cooked up lies and misconception about governance in Kwara state and the person of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq.

Let’s address the issues topically;

Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq interest in the coastal road is not unfounded, as chairman of the Nigerian Governors Forum, his excellency is all for lauding initiatives – Infrastructure and otherwise across the nation that contributes meaningfully to the lives of the citizens. Governor AbdulRahman only stated the position of the bloc which he represents. The Kwara PDP, quite unused to order or meticulous findings need to learn that.

The mere fact that PDP made this headline up is enough to make sure nobody take them serious ever again. Technology thrives on being leveraged; a Governor that came into power via the ootoge movement, a reminisce of the Obama’s ‘Yes we can’ Campaign won’t use social media to streamline governance? How many years ago was it when Governors were directing the affairs of their states via zoom?

Despite how he came into Office, critics of Obama said “he brought silicon valley to Washington” berating him for his use of technology.

Coincidentally, since Covid happened a few years ago, we have seen how technological advancement can be of benefit to us all.

Technology is to be harnessed or else you get left behind and become yesterday’s news (ask the PDP in Kwara), anybody who doesn’t know that should be termed ignorant.

Zoom, social apps and other connectivity tools, if they are good enough to be used for corporate communication, they can be used in governance too.

Now to the roads; the PDP in Kwara are a bunch of rabble rousers who are so hypocritical that they can’t believe someone else is doing better than their half-assed attempt at governance that the state have had to put up with for so long. There is no end in sight to the list of road projects that governor AbdulRahman has undertaken, but guess who they are accusing of neglecting road construction projects in the state? Your guess is as good as mine.

When Kwara PDP is ready, they will remove the log out of their eyes. Maybe then, the electorate will find them appealing. I doubt they will get around to that though. With the stock in trade of looting and misappropriation of funds, they most likely have forgotten that the money meant for the renovation of the Kankan LGEA School in Asa Local Government Area which they complained about a few weeks ago was looted by their own administration. If the electorate forgive such localized amnesia, should they allow the good name of a performing governor to be dragged in filth?

Elelu writes from Ilorin

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