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Online Publisher Admits to False Story Against Gbajabiamila, Seeks Forgiveness

… Segun Olatunji Apologizes and Reveals Contract to Fabricate Defamatory Article

New revelations have emerged regarding the recent arrest of online publisher Segun Olatunji by the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the incident and implicating the fabrication of false stories against political figures.

In an unexpected turn of events, Olatunji confessed during an emergency press conference organized by prominent media unions that his detention by the DIA was linked to defamatory articles published against the Head of DIA and the Chief of Staff to the President, Femi Gbajabiamila.

One such article, titled “How Gbajabiamila Attempted to Corner $30bn, 66 Houses Special Investigator Traced to Sabiu,” caught the attention of authorities and led to Olatunji’s detention. Further investigations revealed a concerted effort to tarnish Gbajabiamila’s reputation, orchestrated by individuals with ulterior motives.

According to reports, Olatunji admitted to being contracted by a former colleague, Rotimi Williams, to publish the fabricated story, claiming pressure from sponsors purportedly within the presidency and a special investigation team. Williams allegedly facilitated the dissemination of the false narrative and provided financial incentives to Olatunji and other online publishers involved in spreading the misinformation.

In a written apology addressed to Chief of Staff Gbajabiamila, Olatunji expressed remorse for succumbing to external pressures and acknowledged the harm caused by his actions. He appealed for forgiveness and pledged to rectify the situation to the best of his ability.

Meanwhile, Olatunji’s admission has raised concerns about potential violations of the cybercrime Act, prompting speculation of impending legal repercussions.

The Defence Intelligence Agency is reportedly collaborating with other security agencies to explore avenues for prosecution in light of the evidence uncovered.

The unfolding saga has elicited condemnation from various media organizations and civil society groups, highlighting the need for accountability and ethical journalism practices. Efforts to address the incident through the National Media Complaints Commission underscore the gravity of the situation and the imperative of upholding journalistic integrity in the digital age.

Story was sourced from Nairaland via this link and published under the common publishing license.

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