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Governor Uba Sani’s Resolute Dedication to Education

In a resounding declaration of his administration’s unwavering commitment to education, particularly for girls, Senator Uba Sani, the Governor of Kaduna State, has reaffirmed his determination to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that all school-aged children in the state receive quality education.

During the inauguration of the construction of a secondary school in Nasarawa Rigachikun, Kaduna, Governor Uba Sani reiterated that education stands as the cornerstone of empowerment, especially for the underprivileged. Emphasizing the transformative power of education, he stressed that it is the fundamental tool capable of uplifting the children of the poor, transforming them into valuable assets for the society.

The Governor underscored the proactive measures undertaken by his administration to advance this cause. One such measure includes the significant reduction of tertiary tuition fees, aimed at broadening access to education for all citizens of Kaduna State.

However, Governor Uba Sani’s commitment extends beyond mere rhetoric. He recognizes the multifaceted challenges faced by adolescent girls in accessing and completing secondary education which include socio-cultural, financial, and infrastructural constraints. Particularly in rural areas, the transition from primary to junior secondary school presents a significant hurdle for many girls, often leading to dropout.

In alignment with his administration’s SUSTAIN agenda, which prioritizes enhancing educational quality, Governor Uba Sani is spearheading efforts to address these challenges. By ensuring the enrollment of poor and vulnerable girls into junior secondary schools and creating conducive learning environments, his administration aims to facilitate a smooth transition to senior secondary education. Key initiatives include the provision of essential facilities such as wash facilities and clean water, crucial for ensuring the comfort and well-being of girls while in school.

Furthermore, through initiatives like the AGILE Project, Governor Uba Sani is actively working to ensure that every girl child not only enrolls but also completes her secondary education. By providing incentives such as improved school infrastructure, digital literacy, and life skills training, his administration seeks to empower girls to navigate into adulthood with confidence and ease.

Governor Uba Sani’s steadfast dedication to education, particularly for girls, reflects a profound commitment to societal progress and empowerment. With proactive measures and targeted initiatives, his administration is laying the foundation for a more inclusive and equitable educational landscape in Kaduna State, where every child, regardless of gender or socio-economic background, has the opportunity to thrive and contribute meaningfully to society.

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